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About the Author:  Jennifer Hays


It has always been a dream of mine to write books for children, and Penelope is the first children’s book I have ever written! I am a kindergarten teacher and have taught both kindergarten and first grade for the past 22 years. Children’s literature is near and dear to my heart. I adore doing author studies with my students as I teach them about story elements and, hopefully, instill in them a love for reading! While I’ve always wanted to write my own stories, it wasn’t until recently that I knew what I wanted to write about. My inspiration finally came when I got a hedgehog as a classroom pet. I named her Penelope, and I have a long list of stories that I would like to write about her, including: Penelope Goes To School, Penelope’s Snow Day, and Penelope Goes To Paris. My cousin, Carl Grauer, has illustrated Penelope. Together, we have created a picture book that I hope other teachers will read to their students!

I would love to hear from you!  Here is my email address:

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